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Hokuto no Ken – Juuza Gaiden
Houkuto no Ken – Jagi Gaiden
Hokuto no Ken – Yuria Gaiden – Jibo no Hoshi
Shirogane no Seija – Hokuto no Ken Toki Gaiden

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Alternate Name(s): Fist Of The North Star Juuza Gaiden, Houkou no Kumo – Hokuto no Ken – Juuza Gaiden

Author(s): Buronson, HARA Tetsuo, KAKURAI Missile

Genre(s): Martial Arts, Shounen

Type: Manga

Released: 2009

Status: Complete (Scan), Complete (Publish)


Juuza is a total rebel who obeys and bows to absolutely no one, and with his terrible self taught fighting style, he has absolutely no one to fear.
Juuza once gave up on his true love since he realized blood relation made a relationship impossible… But now that she is dead, Juuza has a thing or two to say to the man who was unable to protect her.

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