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Reigen: The Man With a MAX Spirituality Level of 131 (REIGEN ~霊級値MAX131の男~Reigen: Reikyuuchi Max 131 no Otoko), commonly known as Reigen (霊幻, Reigen) is the spin-off manga to Mob Psycho 100 created by ONE, which began publication on the MangaONE mobile app on 19th March, 2018.[


Meet the self-proclaimed exorcist, spiritualist, and psychic himself. What he lacks in strength, he makes up for in charisma. What he lacks in bravery, he makes up for in ingenuity. What he lacks in heroism, he makes up for with massages and life advice. This is the story of Arataka Reigen and the Spirits and Such Consultation Office.

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